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What We Do?

PM Leadership provides exclusive, proven, and affordable educational programs that help business owners and individuals to succeed faster, make more money and enjoy life with family.



27th Feb 2016: CashFlow Club Cambodia

05th Mar 2016: Commissions Evolution System Secrets

06th Mar 2016: Commissions Evolution System Secrets [Siem Reap]

16th Mar 2016: Passion to Passive Income

18th Mar 2016: Money & You Symposium [Siem Reap]

26th – 27th March 2016: Commissions Evolution Secrets [Private Program]

02th Apr 2016: Value Investing Program

07th – 10th Apr 2016: Anthony Robbins Unleash The Power Within

21st – 24th April 2016: Money & You Program 

29-30 Apr- 01 May 2016: Value Investment Bootcamp [Private Program]

20th – 23rd Oct 2016: Money & You Program 


23rd January 2016: Masters of Passive Income 2016

17th Jan 2016: Cashflow Club Cambodia Anniversary

10th Jan 2016: Money & You Symposium

02nd Jan 2016: You2.0 Program

20th Dec 2015: CashFlow Club Cambodia

12th – 13th Dec 2015: 2 days LIVE HANDS-ON Workshop

03rd Dec 2015: Commissions Evolution System Secrets

29th Nov 2015: Masters of Wealth by Robert Kiyosaki

10th-11th Nov 2015: Masters of Wealth by Robert Kiyosaki

31st Oct 2015: 7 Proven Strategies To Kick Procrastination 

And Achieve Ultimate Freedom In Life

23rd-25th Oct 2015: The Millionaire Mind Intensive in Singapore

22nd – 25th Oct 2015: Money & You Program  

17th – 18th Oct 2015: 7 Secrets to Becoming Wealthier, Happier and Healthier!

02nd – 04th Oct 2015: The Millionaire Mind Intensive in Malaysia

18th – 20th Sept 2015: Value Investing Bootcamp

14th Sept 2015: Value Investing Program

29th – 30th August 2015: Money & Success Masters

11th – 12th July 2015: Ignite Your Life by Coach Vas

10th – 12th July 2015: The Millionaire Mind Intensive

21st June 2015: Get out of Your Own Way & Enjoy Massive Success

31st May 2015: CashFlow Club Cambodia

22nd May 2015: Money & You Program Completion

23rd May 2015: Money & You Program Introductory at Phnom Penh

24th May 2015: Money & You Program Introductory at Siem Reap

10th May 2015: CashFlow Club Cambodia

6-8 May 2015 : Total Success Seminar by Tony Robbins 

02nd May 2015: You2.0 Program

23rd-26th Apr 2015: Money & You Program

11th April 2015: CashFlow Club Cambodia

29th March 2015: CashFlow Club Cambodia

15th March 2015: Creating Wealth 2015 by Rich Dad Asia

06th March 2015: Money & You Program Introductory

28th Feb-01st Mar 2015:Building & Leading High Performing Teams

14th February 2015: You 2.0 Program

08th February 2015: CashFlow Club Cambodia

25th January 2015: CashFlow Club Cambodia

17th January 2015: Winning Wealth Strategies

03rd-04th January 2015: NLP in Sales

28th December 2014: Building & Leading High Performing Teams Gatering

21st Dec 2014: CashFlow Club Cambodia

14th Dec 2014: CashFlow Club Cambodia

06th December 2014: Be Rich Workshop by Rich Dad Asia

15th-16th November 2014: Building & Leading High Performing Teams



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