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6 Business Lessons you can learn from Warren Buffett

6 Business Lessons you can learn from Warren Buffett

6 Business Lessons you can learn from Warren Buffett

Well known for his savvy sense of investing as well as his charitable work, Warren Buffett provides a wealth of inspiration for those that are looking to achieve a high levels of business success in any field.

Follow these tips to think more like Warren Buffett in 2016:

1. Goal Setting: Warren Buffett believes in goal setting. Create a list of top twenty five career goals and prioritize them in intervals of five. Breaking long term goals down into smaller more manageable pieces can help focus your efforts and make them feel manageable.

2. Work Ethic: While Buffett has amassed the great majority of his wealth by way of wise investments, the self-made billionaire’s first jobs were taken as a boy in the 1940’s running errands and taking odd jobs such as delivering papers. Success is a privilege provided to those that are willing to work hard enough to obtain it.

3. Always be improving: Whether you are interested in learning a new language or improve on your public speaking skills, value investing skills, internet marketing skills, take time for personal development.

4. Budgeting: Buffett urges that you must live frugally and emphasizes a lifestyle focused on saving rather than extravagant spending.

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5. Network: Buffett believes it is important to surround yourself with individuals that have a likeminded life philosophy. A positive attitude is contagious. Surround yourself with others that have a positive outlook and will encourage you to be the best version of yourself possible. Negativity is a waste of energy.

6. Give back: The billionaire believes in giving back. If you are just in the beginning stage of business development, this doesn’t necessarily require donating money. Do you have skills or talents that you can share with others? Volunteer your time to a worthy cause. The experience can help you give back by helping other members of your community.


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