It all started with the title "Freedom", which was the original name of the seminar He created three years ago. To date we have run it several times in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam at small scale of 50 to 100 participants. Much Refinement has been done since and not only has the name changed but also the contents and processes have become more incisive to help people transform in a more sustainable manner

The title "Freedom" although alluring to some was not easily relatable to most and hence the low buy-in. He have been exploring several titles that would impact everyone because this is such a life-transforming two-day seminar. Revealing itself above all was "Ignite Your Life".




99% of human beings live eaither in poverty or mediocrity. Life-times and generations may go by without any notion of significant accomplishment. They live life as victims. Those in the mediocre segment live a contended life by focussing only on themselves and their own basic needs. Although they would claim to live comfortable lives, these category of people are predominantly pessimists. You cannot rely on them to be exceptional leaders.


The main idea for such an intensive and life-transforming seminar is to help who have realised that they want a paradigm shift in their thinking and outlook of life. 99% of human beings are plagued by impoverished outlook of life caused by their genealogy and past experiences. To "Ignite" is to light-uo their inner flame that will "burn down" all their inhibitions, freeing them to "live their true potential", fire on all pistons' and "Live their lives with Passion". As part of this program, the meaning of "Passion" will be thoroughly understood, especially on how to have appropriate thinking, communication and behavioral patterns.
Once these are experienced through interaction and exercises, the participants would have a completely new perspective of life and be ready to "Create a Master Piece" of their lives and live it "full-on".

Why would YOU attend?

The value an individual would stand to gain is countless, especially for those on the cross-roads of life. The main ones are as follows:
A crystal clear understanding of how they became themselves
Understand the fundamental differences between the Empowered & Ordinary people
Create a Personal Vision, Set of Values & Beliefs
Able to undo all inhibitions
Become super clear of how to harness the powers of the Unconscious Mind
Create a Master-Piece of their lives sysyematically & clinically - a complete inner re-construct (short-term & long-term Goal setting) of every facet of life
Clean-up all past Negative experiences, Limiting Beliefes & Negative Emotions
Eradicate FEAR once and for all by Trampling - Regression
Planting each & every Goal into the futer and living them as if accomplished-Progression for programming the future
Experience re-birth into a person living life full-on
Create a life that goes beyond self-Living in services of others
There's more......

Who would YOU want to Experience Vas

Vas and Leading Performance Singapore has been growing from strength to strength over the last 12 years, helping odinary & evolved people breakthrough in their lives in several countries all over Asia.


"Ignite Your Life" is a powerful seminar created by Vas from scratch. Tried and tested. Now ready for you and the world.
All Vas's professional facilitators are full-fledged NLP Practitioners who are appropriately qualified to help you throughout the programme
You enjoy a comprehensive seminar manual with valuable noted and incisive and valuable examples to help you create your own Master-Piece of Life.
At this seminare you stand to benefit from securing big discounts for all other advanced Personal Mastery (NLP & Mind-sciences) courses for you, your family & your organization.
You stand to enjoy a World-Class seminar experience second to none

This seminar will unfold in 5 main stages as follows

Stage One

  • How did I become Me & what's stopping me from living my true potential
  • How to overcome the stoppages

Stage Two

  • Create a Compelling Goal, Float the demons and put the Goal into the future

Stage Three

  • Fire-Walk your demons away and re-birth

Stage Four

  • Fire-up every other facet of life as in Stage Two & Live with Passion

Stage Five

  • Leave a Blazing Trail of Success for others to emulate - Beyond self


Who Should Attend?

As mentioned earlier, this powerful seminar is suitable and impactful for ages 12 and above
    • Parents (new & seasoned)
    • Leaders & their staff
    • Professionals
    • Just about anybody keen in "Owning" their lives

Venue & Cost

Normal Price: USD 1299

Special offer: USD 468 - Second Booking: USD 399

Group Booking: 5 People for ONLY USD 1995

Group & Corporate rates are also available. Please Contact our sales team for more information.


About Speaker:

These are at the core of what Vas brings to his clients. Combined with 12 years of experience with NLP & other Mind-sciences, empowering Individuals of all ages and Organisations of all sizes, Vas specializes in making things work. Every training session is designed to immerse the clients in metaphoric situations that would require them to overcome their inhibitions right there and then. He will push you beyond your comfort zones, smash through your emotional & physical pain barriers to activate your inner resources, allowing you to live your true potential. Not for the feint hearted.

27 years of experience in training & leading Officers & Men, thousand & thousands of them, to do massive & dangerous feats, that often, they are reluctant to do. Attended & exposed to some of the rarest & toughest training ever known to man: Ranger, Airborne, Naval Diver & the entire range and intricacies of Artillery training. He is exposed also to some of the most advanced Leadership & Management concepts on the planet, both military & commercial.

Vas thrives at helping individuals & organisations achieve extraordinary results, Win and stay ahead of the competition.



Master Trainer of NLP, Mr Vas, a person who has been in the training profession for 45 years, will conduct this.


I have greatly benefitted from all his programs and he is always there to help in achieving my goals and higher purpose in life.

Sazali Sarwan, Associate District Director, Propnex Property Group


I have realised the power of the unconscious mind and its capabilities. Mr. Vas's presentation style and delivery is par excellence and kept me interested throughout the entire course. M Rama, M Rama Law Corporation


Vas carry a wealth of experience with NLP and its application. If you are looking to learn from someone who know his stuff, practice his stuff and even has his whole family in his stuff - Vas has got to be the man. Edwin Cheng, Team Head, AIA Premier Academy


Like the iceberg, there's so much more beneath the surface to this man's experiences that any trainee can learn from. He cuts to the core quickly at times, and sometimes he holds you by your tail and let you explore on your own without disrupting your thought processes. Gabriel Chan Hoy Sing, AIA Training Manager


I am completely impressed with Vas training as the training program has helped me realise a lot of my inner self. Vas has wide experience in facilitating and developing training courses. Thank you once again Vas and I'm looking forward for your next course to attend. Jenice Tan, Senior Division Director, Era Realty Network Pte Ltd


It is suitable for people who seriously are ready

to take their lives to the next level

or to achieve massive success.