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Do You Want To Generate Your Extra Income Stream or Increase Your Business Revenue Through the Internet? Learn simple ways to making up to $10,000 a month or More Online In This One Day Seminar In Cambodia From World-Renown Internet Marketers!” Patric Chan, Best-Selling Author & World-Class Internet Marketer Will Be Presenting Live! You can now start an eCommerce business with no experience or whatsoever. Patric has created a proven system and currently growing the business worldwide by using unconventional marketing methods - smart men and women are now taking this advantage to be his partners to build their own businesses rapidly.

You will learn:

- How to make money online in three easy steps

- How to generate passive income from the comfort of your own home

- How to earn a full-time living with nothing but a laptop and an Internet connection

- How to leverage the power of search engines like GOOGLE to build an online business

- How to make easy money using social media like FACEBOOK and TWITTER

- How to build an Internet business without any experience, products, services or even a website

About Speakers

Patric Chan

Patric Chan’s “rags to riches” story has inspired thousands around the world to tap onto the internet opportunity. He has been featured in newspapers many times and also business magazines. Having built his internet empire (without the benefit of any college or university qualification), Patric has taught his techniques and strategies to thousands of his students through his books, courses, seminars and live training. Patric’s internet marketing products and courses have been endorsed and promoted by internet marketing gurus around the world – proving the quality and the value that he delivers. His latest product, The CB Passive Income was one of Clickbank's top seller products when it was launched.

As a very much sought after speaker, Patric has already spoken in 11 countries including United States, UK and Australia as an authority on the topic of internet marketing before he even reaches 30 years old (he’s currently 33). He has also spoken in business conferences alongside presenters from industrial giants like Google, IBM, etc.

As one of the key players in expanding the world of social media, Patric is the founder of -- a Facebook app that is currently being used in 133 different countries and has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo! Business and The Business Journals. Since PagePressApp, Patric has also launched another new startup for the mobile app world called,

He is responsible for helping a lot of local people become successful internet marketers, starting their own online business today and impacted the internet marketing education industry locally.

Todate, Patric has received testimonials from ordinary people whose lives he has changed and international bestselling authors, millionaires... including a billionaire.

Testimonials For Patric Chan

Patric Chan blows you away with idea after idea for making money online. Keep a pen and paper handy as you read this book because the ideas—and the cash—will flow from the very first chapter.

WOW! This isn't just a book…This is a step-by-step guide. Inside this book, you'll learn secrets most people never share public about making money online. It's definitely a MUST READ!
Clicking Cash is one of the most complete, simple and easy-to understand books on Internet Marketing today. Both Robert and Patric have broken down their secrets to building an Internet business into a crystal-clear, step-by-step system that anyone can use to start making money online. Whether you're a beginner or a veteran Internet marketer, you'll find true gems in this book to bring your Internet business to the next level. This is a gotta-have resource if you want to build multiple streams of income on the Internet!

If I were just getting started and wanted to make money online, Clicking Cash would be the First book I'd read. This is not a book filled with a bunch of strategies that just sound good. This is a book jammed packed with specific, real-world strategies that have been proven to work over and over by the top marketers online. If I had read this book when I was just getting started, I'm confident that I would have made my first million years earlier… and because of this book, I'm going to be implementing several strategies I learned from the book that I know will pay off in a BIG way.
Patric Chan has been making money on the internet for probably as long as you've been using the internet. What I love about this book is his direct hand's on approach to every single aspect of creating a profitable internet business. I din't know anyone that has created an "A-Z" guide to Internet marketing guide. That is, until this book came along. Well done!

This is the best book I've read about creating wealth and making money from the internet, period. The internet is one of the fastest ways for you to create multiple streams of income and Clicking Cash can show you how. Read this book as soon as possible.
Brutally honest, easy to read and understand for even the greenest newbie getting started. Patric covers a lot of ground. I’m quite amazed that he has fit so much into this one book. I wish I’d of had this myself back when I first started my online businesses. If you want to learn how to make money online, then this is highly recommended.

If you goal is to make money from the internet fast, then I'd suggest you read Clicking Cash. In this book, you'll be shocked to discover some of the most powerful strategies used by internet marketers to make millions online. In fact, just one of these ideas could transform your like!

Simon Leung

Simon Leung, known all across the Internet Marketing industry as the “Google Insider,” is one of the leading experts in maximizing search engine and traffic generation results with the world’s best search engine through Search Engine Marketing (SEM). More specifically, Simon can teach anyone, even a complete Internet Marketing newbie, how to master Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

A world-renowned International speaker, Simon has shared the stage with the top entrepreneurs in the world, traveling through over 15 countries within the last year, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and the Caribbean Islands.

As an entrepreneur, Simon created a half a million dollar business during his first year online as a full-time Internet Marketer, and continued on to surpass the seven figure mark shortly into his second year in business.

However, Simon did have an unfair advantage… Back in April of 2002, when very few people have even heard of Google, Simon Leung was the most senior AdWords Optimization Specialist at Google Headquarters.

In addition to helping 1000s of clients improve their performance, traffic, and conversions, Simon also tested and developed the countless optimization strategies that work today, including some of the only techniques that produce results!

In August of 2006, Simon retired from Google after four and a half years to become a full-time Internet entrepreneur. Leaving the stability of a promising career and six figures worth of stock options on the table, Simon has dedicated himself to bringing to the Internet Marketing world what has never been brought before.

Within just two weeks after his retirement, Simon instantly became a recognized expert in the industry, contributing in major product launches, speaking at live seminars around the world, taking on consultation clients, JV partnering in big name projects, authoring in digital and printed books, as well as creating several more ground-breaking products of his own.

Testimonials For Simon Leung

"Simon's our resident genius about the Internet."

The Internet is bigger than the Big Bang, and Simon came from a humble background at Google to become our resident genius in Internet Marketing. Like me, you'll learn a ton of great information about Google and social media from this guy.

Mark Victor Hansen
America's Ambassador of Possibility

"I love being mentored by Simon. It's fantastic!"

I wrote the book on "Multiple Streams of Internet Income" in 2000, but I never knew about social media marketing. Thanks to Simon, I sent out my first "tweet" and grew my followers to over 25,000 in just two weeks! It's exciting, and I love being mentored by Simon. It's amazing. It's fantastic!

Robert G. Allen
World Famous Wealth Guru

"I Pick Simon Leung!"

I was invited to speak at an event where hundreds of millionaires were getting together to share their secrets, but I would pick to attend Simon's event scheduled the same weekend because I knew I would be getting specific, actionable and practical information.

Mark Joyner
Simpleology Founder & CEO

"No one knows Google better than Simon!"

No one knows the Google system better than Simon Leung. Period. While Simon left his position with Google after five years, he is still considered the world's leading authority on the subject. Recently, he even wrote the definitive guide with his book published through my company. Thanks Simon!

Joel Comm
New Media Marketing Strategist

"Simon is a huge success now... Get to know him!"

I quit the car industry on August 5, 2004. Simon saw that as an inspiration and quit Google on August 5, 2006. I called him on that day to make sure he kept his word, and he did, and I'm very proud of him as he is a huge success in the industry now, and you should get to know him!

Mike Filsaime
Leading Internet Marketer

Terence Tan

Asia's #1 Automatic Income Coach Commission Evolution Secrets

Terence is an Engineering graduate of the prestigious Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. After his graduation, he worked as an Engineer for the largest Government-Linked Engineering Firm in Singapore but he quickly realized that he wasn't just content to be part of the rat race. As a result, after just 1½ years with the firm, he decided to strike it out on his own.

Within less than a year of discovering about Internet Marketing, he was already invited to speak at Internet Marketing Seminars in the region. Terence has also been an invited speaker on International Speaking Platforms and Seminars all over the world. He has also conducted seminars in USA and Mexico together with Blair Singer, who is an International Best-selling Author and an Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki, author of the Worldwide Bestseller "Rich Dad, Poor Dad".

His ability to create profitable online ventures was evident when he came in within the top 3 positions in a Global Affiliate Competition, beating 98,000 other affiliates from around the world. He was invited to the USA on an all-expense paid trip to receive his award.

He has consulted for and devised profitable online strategies for a very diverse group of client companies including a Social Marketing Company based in Australia, a Forex Brokerage based in New Zealand, a leading Seminar Organizer and Training Company in Malaysia and Direct Response companies in Singapore, amongst many other companies.

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