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Business and Life Lessons I Learned from Billionaires and Multi-Millionaires by Piseth Kham– Part 1

Business and Life Lessons I Learned from Billionaires and Multi-Millionaires by Piseth Kham– Part 1

Business and Life Lessons I Learned from Billionaires and Multi-Millionaires by Piseth Kham– Part 1

The 10th May was the first day of National Achievers Congress 2013 in Singapore. I was there with other 30 Cambodian people. The first day was a great day where I got a lot of ideas from the speakers. The first day program finished at about 8:00 pm. Then I went for a dinner with my mentor, Mr. Bellum Tan, CEO of Rich Dad Asia. (I will write a separate article about what I have learned from him during I was there in Singapore.)

I got up very early morning of 11th May and I started my computer and I saw these words that I wrote for myself “Keep Learning. Keep Growing. Keep Sharing. And Keep Making A Difference” This is the reason why I write this article and the future articles to share with you some ideas and experiences I learned from Billionaires, Multi-Millionaires, and other world-class professional speakers and trainers.

Before I share their ideas and experiences I’d love to share with you of how I started working with Success Resources.


My Friend, Narin Keuk, and I during NAC Malaysia 2011 with Mr. Richard Tan, CEO of Success Resources

We started doing this work since May 2011 where I first joined the National Achievers Congress in Malaysia. I looked for the CEO of Success Resources, Mr. Richard Tan. I managed to meet him and told him that I wanted to do business with him. I did not have much money at that time. He gave me one idea during our meeting. He said “Many people want to start business and they say they do not have enough capital to start.” Then during he was on stage he gave another life changing principle to the audience. He told us about the story of how he started Success Resources from scratch with his business partners and the time where he invited some of the famous speakers to his seminars in Singapore.

He said “You do not need to know everything in order to start doing something”

For my case I needed to follow his principle and I also needed to covert it a little bit in order to reflect to my situation. I said to myself “I do not need to have everything in order to start doing something.”

Note: I started my business team with an office. I used my friend’s house to register my business in June 2011 after I met Mr. Richard Tan.

We first started with Success Resources as an Affiliate. Then we acted as a Distributor where we co-organized some international events in Cambodia with Success Resources. Finally, we have become the Official Partner of Success Resources for Cambodia territory in 2012.

During NAC Singapore 2013 I met Mr. Richard Tan and I told him that my life has changed because of him, his ideas and experience, and his willingness to accept us as a partner even we were starting from scratch. During his presentation for prospecting investors for his listing company he said that “We do not have Success Resources in Cambodia because we have Success Resources Sdn Bhd” Yes, PM Leadership is dealing withSuccess Resources Malaysia office or so called Success Resources Sdn Bhd. 


OK. Now let me start to share with you what I learned from NAC Singapore 2013. Below is a list of the speakers. You may recognize some of them.


NAC Singapore 2013 Speaker list by Success Resources

The feature speakers for this year’s NAC are Sir Richard Branson, Les Brown, and Gerry Robert plus other world-class speakers. During these three days there were Three BILLIONAIRES on stage. At first we did not know about that. I was surprised when I heard about them because they were not on the speaker list.

Who are they?

They are Takafumi Horie, from Japan, Zhang Zuolei, from China, and Sir Richard Branson, from England.

My purpose is to give you some of their ideas that I took note from each speaker during the three day period.

Let me start with the first speaker of NAC 2013 Singapore.

 Takafumi Horie, Multi-Billion Dollar Internet Magnate, Japan.

A 33-year-old at the time founding and running his own very profitable internet services firm from Livedoor Co., He challenged conventional business practices in Japan and even ran for political office. He represented a new breed of businessmen who were willing to take on the establishment.

Takafumi Horie, First Speaker for NAC Singapore 2013

Takafumi Horie, First Speaker for NAC Singapore 2013

The speed of his rise to fame and fortune was matched by his downfall. In 2006, he was found to have fabricated earnings, convicted of fraud and jailed. He told us during NAC 2013 that he was realized from jail just five and half months ago. The place where he lost a lot of weight.

His story is very inspiring in a form of challenging ourselves to start doing something new to change the world. He is a kind of BIG-THINK person and the FUTURIST. His unique ability is “To Predict The Future” the market and the global trend, and he challenges him to do BIG-THINGS about it.

He said starting a business does not necessary need a lot of initial capital. What we need is a vision of the future, good friends, connections. He mentioned that good friends are asset for our business. With the power of internet and social media it is easier for us to find friends and connections.

I was surprised when he mentioned that he even bought a Bankrupt Company because of it had a good brand-name. This means that to him Branding is very important.

Note: If you were one of the delegates during NAC Singapore 2013 please help me to add any ideas and key points that I did not mentioned in the article.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. I wish you were there with me during the three day event. However, if you want to learn from some of the world’s top achieves please visit our website at

PS: As A Thank You Gift for you. Please follow the link and fill in a your email address in order to get an eBook “Success 2013″ The principles I learned from world-class speakers and from my own life. Click here 


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Success Resources, and the speakers. There is no intention of whatsoever kind to violate any intellectual copyright. This article is a reflection of my philosophy “To Learn, To Grow, To Share, To Make A Difference”

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    Dear bong,

    Has Mr. Takafumi mentioned why he has started Internet Business? What are his Internet services? How about the keys points of another 2 speakers? Next chapter?



    • PM Leadership05-18-13

      He mentioned that now it is information age that is why he focuses on internet business. His business was Livedoor Co., For other speakers’ key ideas and experiences we will post later so please keep visiting our website. Thank you

  2. Bunyim05-19-13

    Thanks for sharing! That is a good reflection.

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