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Evolution Of Wealth

Evolution Of Wealth

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Evolution of Wealth is a two-day hands-on workshop by Bellum Tan, aka “Rich Dad Asia.” In this workshop, Robert Kiyosaki’s investment partner reveals his investment secrets, including where and how you can participate.

You are still looking for ways to achieve their desired income level and deserve?

You’re wondering about effective investment channel, safe?

Do you know:

Rich people play with different rules for the poor!

The secrets that the rich do not want you to know!

Evolution Of Wealth Course 
On 19-20 October 2013 in Phnom Penh City, Cambodia

With Bellum Tan, Millionaire – Singapore investors, represented in Asia by Robert Kiyosaki, millionaire, entrepreneur, speaker, author of the world famous “Teach enrichment”

The course will help you learn how to invest to become effective for financial freedom, work less but earn more!Whether you invest more or less money, whether you have more or less knowledge, it does not matter.

Bellum Tan will teach you how to use the various tools of investment as the business of the rich, investment gold, foreign exchange, real estate and securities to achieve profitability from 10-100%.

Evolution Of Wealth




  • Strategies for not losing money in the stock you can still purchase and monthly cash flow.
  • The places you can earn profit at least 10-15% / year over 40 years.
  • How to make 100% profit or more than a year and 10% monthly


  • How to invest in real estate with positive cash flow
  • How do people get started with a real estate and the real estate it to 4 or more with little or no money one of you
  • How to join the PREP (Private Partnership Real Estate – Real estate investment Association)
  • Opportunity to invest in real estate in the U.S. for only 20% of the property value


  • How to start business part-time in your spare time with a capital “NO”


  • Investment opportunities as the major investor in the seed Funding Company (the Company to prepare the floor), as in the purchase price 1USD/co Cashflow 101 votes, votes may increase 40USD/co
  • Opportunity to participate in areas where 10% of annual profits to capital and profits are guaranteed


  • In Evolution Of Wealth program will introduce Mr. Bellum Tan and share about forex trading

Let’s practice using leverage and realize the impact of the use of these tools. After the course, you can apply all the experience, enhance your practical. You will recognize become wealthy and financially free is not too difficult.



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Bellum Tan, Millionaire – Singapore investors, represented in Asia by Robert Kiyosaki, millionaire, entrepreneur, speaker, author of the world famous “Teach enrichment”

– CEO of the company Rich Dad’s Training representative of Robert Kiyosaki, millionaires, leaders entrepreneur and author of the famous book “Teach the rich”

– More than 30 years of success in the field a combination of operating companies when applying the concept of Rich Dad investors to achieve financial freedom

– As investors in the classified level 5 Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Kim liberal money”. Creation of the “The Singapore Strategy” for Cashflow 101

– Financial Workshops in many countries around the world such as USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia

Your Investment

In Singapore, Evolution of Wealth costs USD 2,990. For the first time, Bellum Tan will conduct Evolution of Wealth in Cambodia. Because he is doing it here, you will enjoy a significant discount. The special offer is USD 1,800 ONLY (USD 1,500 for spouse or business partner as the second registrant) for this two-day intensive, hands-on workshop with Rich Dad Asia. This includes buffet lunch for two days as well as workshop materials.

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