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Going Fast Vs Going Far

Going Fast Vs Going Far

Sometimes people fail to realize the importance of teamwork. People have a tendency to get the misguided idea that they can do better on their own. They think that they can achieve something faster and do a superior job and if they can do everything the way they want to do it instead of working as a team. This is an idea that is sadly mistaken.

Great teamwork is essential in order to achieve a level of high performance. Without it, a person is essentially at the mercy of achieving far less than what would be possible if he or she would take the time to understand that true success takes everyone working together for a common cause. Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses and as a result it is virtually impossible to do the same quality of work alone as can be accomplished when people learn to work together.

Teamwork is sometimes a lost art, at least for appearance’s sake. Unfortunately, it is not something that is always fostered and people get the misconception that they should only look out for themselves and therefore must do everything on their own. This cannot be further from the truth and in fact, a lack of teamwork dramatically impacts the effectiveness of anyone who is performing in business or for recreation. Teamwork is essential in every facet of life and people that learn how to utilize teamwork as a means of achieving great success can do things that were once thought to be impossible.

Teamwork is best fostered when leadership reflects the importance of getting everyone involved and helps each individual to understand that they all have something to contribute. Team leadership is something that requires an individual who can understand that it is not about claiming glory for oneself or being patted on the back, but moreover about achieving a common goal. In fact, the best team leaders will be able to recognize the strengths of each individual and utilize those strengths in order to create success for the team or to ensure a successful mission. This is true from the most dominant individual on the team to the meekest member of the team.

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In addition to fostering teamwork and leadership skills, personal leadership is dramatically impacted by learning how to work as a team. Essentially, personal performance is directly affected by one’s ability to work well with others. It is ironic that one’s own personal performance is directly impacted by an ability to work as a team, but that is exactly how it works. People that are unable to work well with others rarely see a great deal of success because their inability to allow others into the group adversely impacts their own ability to perform. Conversely, people that work well with others often experience a tremendous amount of personal growth and outstanding personal performance because they are able to utilize the talents of each individual.

In short, every individual has something to offer, regardless of the situation. It is a mistake to discount the ideas of any individual, as it adversely impacts the entire team and therefore impacts each individual that is part of it.

Going slow, consistent and win is GOOD. Going fast, consistent and win is GREAT. In both cases, you need to have a great team. Piseth Kham

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