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Inside You is a Great Leader, Persuader, and Entrepreneur by Blair Singer

Inside You is a Great Leader, Persuader, and Entrepreneur by Blair Singer

Cambodian Team with Blair Singer

Inside You is a Great Leader, Persuader, and Entrepreneur by Blair Singer

The reason that 95% of businesses fail isn’t due to lack of marketable ideas, products or services. It’s because most people just don’t know how to sell. And like it or not, we all are salespeople no matter what we do for a living.

Imagine what would happen to your life if you mastered the ability to sell, negotiate, influence and persuade. You could have anything you put your mind to. The world would be yours for the taking. Now, with my 2-Day Authentic Sales & Leadership Training program, you can make it happen. You’ll learn how to manage and focus the “Little Voice” in your head to uncover the authentic you. The you that you were meant to be. The powerful and confident you that can and will create the life of your dreams. It’s just a matter of getting control of your “Little Voice.” When that happens, everything changes.

I’ve spent the last two decades transforming thousands of successful entrepreneurs and businesses around the globe using the secrets of Authentic Sales & Leadership including Singapore Airlines, Deutsche Bank, Redken 5th Avenue NYC, IBM, ING Clarion, JP Morgan, CitiGroup, World Financial Group, LA Weight Loss, Prudential Insurance, UPS Stores, Mrs. Fields Cookies, HSBC, Dunkin’ Brands, Century 21, CIBC – Canada, Diners World Travel, United Healthcare, Westin Hotels.

You can put these same strategies to work for you to achieve unparalleled success and growth. This 2-Day program is a life-changing business blueprint that can quickly turn any business, in any industry, in any economy, into a powerhouse.

Sales=Income™. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.

It’s your #1 skill in business and in life!

Sign up for this 2-Day program today! June 19-20 July 2013 in Singapore Click here to register.

This article is written by Blair Singer, Rich Dad Advisor and Bestselling Author. Visit his website: 


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