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How CashFlow 101 Changes My Life

How CashFlow 101 Changes My Life

How CashFlow 101 Changes My Life by Ear Choungchhay

This article is to share some of the knowledge that I obtain through playing the cashflow game and the learning from PM leadership, especially Mr. Piseth. And I share this article from my point of view only.

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Posted by Cashflow Club Cambodia on Thursday, October 2, 2014


That was the word I never heard of before reading the book rich dad poor dad. But even then, i still not knew the important of the cashflow until I played cashflow game again and again.
In cashflow game, i realize the important of cashflow toward business. For instance, without positive cash flow, the business will not survived. I also learn that a business is an asset only when it generate positive cash flow, but once it keep giving negative cash flow, it became a liability. For instance, after playing a few times of cashflow game, I decided to close down my business because I realized that I have been keeping business (liability in fact) that gave me negative cashflow every month.

And so cash flow is what I will remember and will be careful of when I do business in the future.

Financial statement

That is another alien thing to me when I played cashflow game for the first few time. it also showed my financial ignorant.
after playing a few more time, I learned which thing go into asset column and which go into liability column. So I did my own financial statement, and surprise!  I found out that in my financial statement had only liability. And that is when I knew where I was and what I must do: acquire assets. And believe me, it is quite a life changing turn.

Robert always says:  the riches work to acquire asset and let it pay for their liability


Most people know it, and me too. But all I knew about stock until before I play CashFlow Game was that it is risky, gamble, and you must avoid it. But after playing the game many many times, I realize the power of stock. Stock , just as many other paper asset, can get you rich in short time( not over night of course) if you are good at your game, which require you to know the rule and know how to use the rule to your benefit, play by the rule and keep learning and practicing it. of course, there are many things to learn if you really wanna win in the stock game, and it also require quite large amount of initial investment as well.

So instead of stock, PM Wealthx brings in forex, which was new term to me again. it is quite similar to stock trading, just much more liquid. Long story short, I have been practicing forex since February 2015. Well, I am not an expert yet, but Mr. Darin can also give you support if you really want to trade forex, just like when he help me.

By the way, in the game, I love stock, because I know the market quite well. I can make a whole lot of money from it, then I reinvest those money to create passive income.  In total, the game give us an opportunity to experience the power of stock, but in real life, really, do not go in without well educated first.

Real Estate

The two experience I have with real estate are: 1. See my parents bought the lands in 2007 and 2008 expecting to make some serious gain from it, but only to find themselves selling a few with no gain, and keep holding the other till today. 2. I rented a location to open my business, only to find myself paying higher price than I should.
Those are bad experience and those are all I knew about real estate. But the cashflow game and PM leadership open my eyes and my mind toward the true power of real estate. With the right knowledge and practice, real estate can give me the passive income that gonna give me financial freedom and more benefits that the traditional job and paper asset cannot offer. But great power also require great strength ( higher financial intelligence, I mean) to handle it properly or else, it gonna back fire.


So what Cashflow Game teach me about real estate?

First is the real estate word such as ROI, down payment, mortgage, and so on.  Besides, the game teaches us to use OPM (other people money ) to buy the real estate. In the game, it is mortgage. But, in addition to mortgage, when I find myself short of money, I can partner with other players and share the profit of the real estate, or if possible, I can literally borrow money from the bank to pay for the down payment, or I can sell the opportunity to other players for commission. All I wanna say is that it is depend on how creative we can structure the deal.


So what could a game teach about business? I was skeptical about it too when I first played it.

  1.  It introduces me to know other kind of business that has been done out there that I never knew existed such as automated business, limited partnership in different kind of business, franchise business, and real estate business.
  2. It teach me on making deal. During the game, we make deal such as buying other people opportunity, partner with other people, selling our opportunity, borrowing money from other people, selling asset to other people, etc. And in business, striking a great deal can benefit the business a lot.
  3. Seeing people characters through the game. I was told by Mr. Piseth since the first time of the game that the game will reflect the people behavior. And yes it is. Playing game many times with many different people let me see different characters of people toward investment.
  4. The important of cashflow and financial statements stated earlier.
  5. Network. With more and more people with different backgrounds joining the game, it provides wide range of network and opportunity. For the first time, I know the benefit of networking.  For instance, knowing PM leadership leaded me to join many seminars that truly changes my mindset, introduction to new kind of great books that I have never even considered reading, and meeting different people from different field.
  6. Decision making. During the game I learn to make decision quickly based on limited information. And this also apply in personal growth and business as well. Indecisiveness only lead to waste of time, lose of opportunity, and in business, loose of profit. In forex that I have been practicing, indecisiveness cost money.
  7. Money management. In the rich dad series books, money management is always stated. With it, you can keep and grow your money and can become rich, without it, your money gonna flow to someone who has it, and you will be broke. In the game, I learn to manage my money by knowing how much I can invest, how much I need to keep for security in case I am downsized, or I need to buy doodad. In the real world, I learn to save part of my money so that I can do some investment in the future, and pay for my education.

Here are Other things I have got:

  1. I got to shake hand with a millionaire. How can shaking hand teach you anything? Honestly, I was so happy at that time. Before that, I did not even think of meeting millionaire. But truly, meeting a millionaire and listen to his speech make me convert the possibility of me becoming millionaire to believe that I will be millionaire, and that is important. And sure enough, he did talk about different things from the things that poor and middle class people I meet every day consider themselves discussing about.
  2. I got the experience of becoming a trillionaire!!! in the game of course. But what an experience!!! it really give me a breakthrough in the mindset. before, I did not even know the word trillion! After that experience, I start to be more ambitious, I start to want more in life and I start to dream even bigger than before, instead it is way bigger than before. And with bigger dream, the brain starts to think more seriously about getting to that dream, and I am grateful that the big dream keep challenge me to get out of the comfort zone, although I have been keeping coming back in.
  3. New knowledge shared by Mr. Piseth. In my opinion, he is so kind that he always shares with us what he has just learned from the books, from his mentor, from his coaches, and so on. Some of those are: Shark tank video series: I first thought it was about shark, but in fact, it is about raising fund from investor and finding the right partner that can help you jump to the next level faster. Watching the show also teach me about what the investors are looking for, and it also let me the plan of various business, and see what plan gonna work and what plan not gonna work from the point of view of the sharks. Also what kind of people will be able to run the business and what kind cannot, also from the opinion of the sharks. I love the show so much.The meaning of cashflow quadrant which most people are confused. And how each quadrant make their money. And especially, why each quadrant do not really like the other. He prevents his team from making ” excuse, justification, complaint “Recently,  he shared with us about money management which is so similar to the one I read from the book money: master the game. I love the idea that this kind of money management can really help people to get a financial free life if they implement it seriously. He has share many things so far from his experiences, and sometimes, it may just a quote or extract or summary from books, some I use to read, some I do not, but sometimes those word he shared just click at that moment, and sometimes it add more knowledge, and more value to me. But every time, I always get something back from his sharing. That is also a reason why I keep going back to cashflow session. And one thing that he keep reminding us every time is to keep life long learning.
  4. I know more about myself. Through the game, I start to know the way I would invest, the way I handle risk, the way I manage money, and the way I communicate with people, and so on. Besides, I start to know more about my strength and my weakness, which are important especially when I want to keep growing and be successful in life.

In the process, I also learn to love myself and my family more than before, which Mr. Piseth always reminds us a well, especially in the You 2.0 programme.

Posted by You 2.0 on Thursday, February 12, 2015

In the end,  these are just some sharing on what I learn from playing the cashflow game and from support of pm leadership group. In other people point of view, I can be right or wrong. Anyway, personally, I think I have gone so far from who i was about 2 years ago. Although I am not successful yet, but I believe I will. I see myself from wondering whether I will accomplish my goals or not to now I totally believe I can accomplish it. Thank you.

Written by Ear Choungchhay, A young entrepreneur by choice. He is someone who never stops learning and practicing what he learns.

PM Leadership is Cambodia’s leading seminar organizer on success, business, and wealth creation.  PM Leadership was Founded in 2011 with a mission “To Lead Humanity into Success and Financial Growth” We provides exclusive, proven, and affordable educational programs that help business owners and professionals to succeed faster, make more money and enjoy life with family. More information about our next education program please visit  or call: 023 6364 966

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