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May 1, 2016
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May 12, 2016
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8 reasons why you should attend Money and You

If you are an entrepreneur and are looking for business success, the Money and You program can help. This program aims to go deep into the different ways as to how you can make your business work and achieve financial success.

The steps are clear and aimed at helping budding entrepreneurs know what to do. Based on my own experiences attending the program again and again and through my interactions with other graduates of program I have come up with eight reasons why you should attend Money & You.

Here is a look at eight different reasons you could potentially benefit from this program.

  1. Make your business work

If you are a business owner, the program can do wonders for you. The program not only helps you manage your money, but also manage your relationships with people and networking connections. The program focuses not on getting you rich instantly, but instead on forging long lasting wealth and human connection.

Without Money & You, I would not have had the courage to open offices and retail outlets in Australia (we now have four there), Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan. In business, it is not tasks, money, or products that make the biggest difference. It’s the people, and relationships. In Money & You, I learned a framework, and a technology that I apply and am constantly using every day.
Dato – Dr. Jannie Tay – Vice-Chairman, The Hour Glass


  1. Being a successful entrepreneur

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, this course will show you how to decisions about your upcoming business. Entrepreneurship is all about managing money properly, especially at the beginning stages of the business. The program brings you up to speed with latest strategies and techniques and helps you retain these skills as you move through life.

Without attending Money & You, I would not have the courage to quit my paid jobs to open my own business. I resigning from the jobs I worked more than 20 years two weeks after I attended the seminar. Now I own a million dollars business. I could not believe it. But it is happening to me. This is a brilliant program I ever attended. It worth more than money I spent. It changes me and my life. Nuon So Thero, President of THEROEXPRESS


  1. To control the hold money has over you

Money is something that has a hold over people’s life, from the beginning to the end. The program will help you not to chase after money, but rather to gain control over it. You also achieve peace of mind and certainty, which is something people run after their whole lives.

  1. Make wise decisions about your future

Every stage of life requires wise decisions. Whether it is investing in your first business or education for your children, decisions about money affect your future. The program also helps you get over consciously or subconsciously self imposed blocks you may have set for yourself.

  1. Gain useful insight

The program allows you to gain insight into how to run a successful entrepreneurship business, and to sustain it. You learn how to build a business model that is sustainable and has a great probability of success. You also learn to toe the line between risks that are worth taking and those that are doomed to failure.

  1. Achieve long term, sustainable success

Whether it is your business or your life, this program will help you achieve the goals that you have. You do not only learn principles that will help you, but also how to apply them to your life.

  1. Understanding the mindset of multi millionaires and billionaires:

To become successful, it is important to start thinking like a successful person. The program helps you delve into the mindset and practices of super successful people so you can emulate these into your life.

  1. Success stories of the program

The graduates of the program are success stories of the highest order. Whether it is Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame or Gary Kurtz, the producer of Star Wars, these people show how enriching and beneficial the program can be. You become a part of a network of 80000 graduates hailing from more than 65 countries.

There have been a number of people who have benefitted from the Money and You program. If it’s financial success that you’re after, you need to enroll in for the program. The procedure is easy, and you would get to do a lot more than what you thought possible.


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