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May 12, 2016
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June 7, 2016
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Make Entrepreneurship a Reality

The Money and You® Conference with Terence Tan together with outstanding Money & You Graduates is coming to town for one day only from 8AM-5PM on June 4, 2016, at the Cambodia-Japan Convention Center (CJCC). If you are ready to make the shift from an average maybe even boring life to an enthralling one where you make the decisions this is the event to attend. All business people ready to learn the keys to successful wealth and life fulfillment should go.

Many people have attended this symposium in the past and have gained valuable insight to start enduring careers in the field. Anthony Robbins who has been a leader in the field of business success for years presenting topics throughout the world is just one famous person who has spent the day learning from the program. The co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jack Canfield and Author Spencer Johnson of ” Who Moved My Cheese” have also found success in the brilliant work presented by Tan.

The speaker Terence Tan has been working the circuit inspiring those to increase their finance and business knowledge through becoming an Entrepreneur for over ten years. He is all about helping the attendees learn what their gifts are so they can go out and use it in the world. Helping others creating wealth both financially and emotionally is his goal and although he works hard you would not know it from the effortless motivation he provides.

Terence Tan is a father first and foremost and can often be found in San Pedro at an orphanage for children whose parents are no longer living. It is his goal to make life easier by motivating children to achieve throughout life. He knows how to use his gifts and enjoys teaching others to do the same. More information please visit pm-leadership.net/mnu

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