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Your Exclusive World-Class Event

Business • Investments • Inspiration • Real Estate

• Wealth Creation • Career

The Money & Success Masters (MSM) is a two-day landmark event with Cayden Chang, and other international speakers being held in Phnom Penh Cambodia. This event is designed to help existing-and future-business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, executives and managers, and interested individuals achieve outstanding results in an increasingly competitive world. 

This is not just another conference or summit yet a unique experience of a lifetime to really take your business and career or to the next level. 

You're going to learn the ultimate strategies for your LIFE
& business to thrive and triumph:

  • Key to make Profit from Real Estate in Cambodia
  • Generating Multiplying streams of income before CRASH in the next few years
  • The Skill you MUST know for business, sales & entrepreneurial success
  • What to think about people and how to deal wth specific types of people
  • An awareness of personal qualities - what you are good at, what you will naturally gravitate towards, or have a natural inclination
  • What holds back the average person from achieving more in life

Keynote Speakers

Founder & the Managing Director of CPL Cambodia Properties Limited

He has brought the company to where it is today. A leader of the industry and a leader of his community, Kheng’s vision and foresight have created one of the top real estate companies in all of Cambodia. Kheng holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the National University of Management, specializing in management. He is also the 2013 President of the Cambodian Valuers and Estate Agents Association. Kheng brings with him a large network of happy and satisfied local and international clients in the Cambodian real estate market.

Value Investing Master endorsed by Mary Buffett

Cayden Chang is a cancer survivor and took himself from broke to a millionaire. He is the Founder of Mind Kinesis Value Investing Academy which is the only academy in Asia that runs the 1st and only Value Investing Programme that is endorsed and recommended by Mary Buffett. His investment strategy is simple that everyone can take and implement to make profit. You will be surprised how simple to make profits from investment when you meet Cayden Chang.

They can help you the open doors to greater health, wealth and success in your life.

But nothing will change unless you make the

ONLY 26 Tickets Left !