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6 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Donald Trump

6 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Donald Trump

Whether you like Donald Trump or not, his ability to use all possible outlets to build a massive empire is a trait that you will definitely love about him. Below are six business lessons anyone can learn from this tycoon.

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1. Never leave yourself out

Donald Trump has faced bankruptcy four times in his lifetime. However, never did he file for personal bankruptcy. He always filed for corporate bankruptcy. This smart move has left him financially unscathed, enabling him to become a billionaire even with everyone claiming that he was going bankrupt.

2. Take advantage of any attention to develop on publicity

Not all comments by Trump have been met politely. Despite this, they have landed him numerous press appearances which he takes to his advantage to ensure that his name is in everyone’s mind. Any business man should learn from this and take any opportunity he is on the spotlight to promote his business.

3. Build on your brand

Donald Trump’s hotels have been designed with quality and luxurious materials. They therefore stand for power and luxury and tend to attract people of the same status symbol.

4. Go hard or Go Home!

According to Trump, in order to attain business success, moderation is out of question. Go about everything that you do with so much drive and intensity such that you just have to succeed.

5. Do not win alone

Trump has a way of increasing his appeal by allowing others to take the spotlight. For instance, each winning team on The Apprentice receives a luxurious award. This really helps in increasing the popularity of your business.

6. Build trust in your family

Trump uses his power and leadership skills to make Eric. Don Jr. and Ivanka executives in all family businesses. This is a genius way of nurturing future heirs of your empire.


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