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Six Ways to Build Self Confidence

Six Ways to Build Self Confidence

Six Ways to Build Self Confidence by Piseth Kham 

A number of people go through their day to day activities with fear. This fear is brought about by a number of factors although a majority of them derive it from their lack of confidence. If you are not confident in your life, you are at a great disadvantage in your undertakings. Not only will it be notably difficult to meet and interact with new people but also find it very difficult to express yourself. Fortunately, the following are six ways to build self-confidence.
1. The easiest and probably the fastest way to build your self confidence is by dressing smartly and sharply. Although clothes do not make you, they determine the way you portray yourself which in turn helps in boosting your confidence. Therefore, you should not purchase many clothes but purchase a few stylish and classy ones.


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2. Secondly, you can build your confidence by staying positive. Many people have low self-esteem as a result of their negativity towards virtually everything. However, if you have a positive attitude towards people, you are bound to gain a lot of confidence. Furthermore, positive people are usually able to interact quite easily with other people.

3. Optimism is a powerful force that you need for your personal relationships and even business. The way you thinks about your life determines how successful it is. If you always expect the worst out of every situation, it is very difficult to be a positive thinker and confident.

4. Preparedness in your daily activities also plays a key role in growing your confidence. Many people are not confident because they are not prepared to face whatever tasks they have been assigned. Luckily, if you take your time and make the necessary preparations, you will be a high performer and confident too.

5. Readiness and ability to take risks are key traits of self confident people. Therefore, you must steer clear of the familiar and tackle something new. Building confidence takes time, and if you are able to work through the fear of failing then you are unquestionably on the right track to gaining the confidence that you need.

6. When you weigh yourself against others, you are likely to make unfair comparisons that will derail you and make you feel inadequate. Therefore, you should avoid comparing yourself to other people. If you need competition, the best person to compete against is yourself. This will also help you pick positive habits that can grow you as an individual while boosting your self confidence.

Gaining confidence is not as hard as many people take it to be. If you follow these techniques, you will eventually overcome your shyness and become a confident person.


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