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“Strengths – What Skyrocket You to the Moon”

“Strengths – What Skyrocket You to the Moon”

“Strengths – What Skyrocket You to the Moon”

We, every human being, were born with our potential, genius, strengths and talents. Some people are very capable in doing the artistic things; some are good at athletic/sports; some are good at analytical and strategic thinking; some people are very creative, innovative and visionary; and some people are very good at leading team and so on – just to mention some. Our strengths, indeed, are the ultimate keys to our successes either in our businesses, careers or professions. When you have discovered our genuine strengths in doing what we are capable with (our talents), we normally find ourselves doing those things enjoyably and effortlessly, of course it frequently takes time and extensive energy. It also motivates us to take action continually and persistently. Importantly, it gives you a chance to make something remarkable and unique for yourself, your family, your community, your county, and for the people around the world.

Now let look at Steve Jobs’s success story together.

Why he is the most successful innovator and entrepreneur in our time and his success traits will have been alive for the next generations to come? What contribute to his success? We might have foreseen that one of most key factors that make him succeed was his strong vision and unbelievable imagination in developing the product and service with simple and elegant design that would please all age groups and to change the way people communicate, work and live their lives. Ki Mae Heussner wrote on ABC News in October 2010 in describing Steve Jobs was a person of huge vision, but he was also a person that believed in the precise detail of every step. He was methodical and careful about everything – a perfectionist to the end. However, his successes didn’t happen overnight. It took time, commitment, dedication and great effort in continuously exploring, perfecting and applying his strengths to archive his remarkable accomplishments.

I think you become curious now on how to discover your personal and my teammate’s geniuses, strengths and talents that will help your businesses, careers or professions to attain better and greater successes and to skyrocket you to the moon. How can you maintain, develop and sharpen those strengths? What are the obstacles that prevent you from discovering them?

In response to your curiosity and in assisting you to discover your strengths in order to achieve tremendous and long lasting successes in every aspects of your life, you can now access your strengths at Discover Your Strengths – where you can learn the applicable ways and practical experiences in finding out and develop your strengths.

One last thought

whatever you have now are the results of the decisions you made previously and your decision today to discover and develop your strengths by attending the conference will ensure and hugely contribute to your future successes. “Decision is POWER which is the POWER that motivates you to take ACTION. Only the ACTIONS that transform your life and put you on the MOON”. And it’s the time for you to make a decision to take action to discover your strengths and standout in the marketplace.Discover Your Strengths

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    We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face… we must do that which we think we cannot.
    Eleanor Roosevelt

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