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Ten Secrets of A Self Made Millionaire

Ten Secrets of A Self Made Millionaire


Adam Khoo is a self-made millionaire by the age of 26, Adam owns and runs several businesses in education, event management and advertising, all with a combined annual turnover of $30 million. He is the best-selling author of 13 books including wealth, business, personal development and youth titles.

His success and achievements are regularly featured in the media and in 2007, Adam was ranked among the top 25 richest Singaporeans under the age of 40 by Executive Magazine and was awarded the NUS Business School Eminent Alumni Award in 2008 for being one of Singapore’s most successful business leaders.


1. I believe that success is not a destination that you get. Success is not about reaching a goal or target you have set. Rather, success is a process of continuously moving toward your goals each and every day.

2. Studying and using the clues left behind by successful people allow us to learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences. By standing on the shoulders of giants, we can achieve so much more in our lives, at a much faster rate.

3. If you truly want to achieve your goals and achieve extraordinary results, then you have to raise your standards! You have to turn your ‘ wishes ‘into ‘ musts ‘. Demand from yourself and from life all it is that you want and do not ever settle for anything less! Do not allow people or situations to give you ‘NO’ form an answer. ‘No’ is not the end. ‘No’ merely means that you have to persist and keep finding a new strategy until you get a ‘yes’.

4. The problem is that many people do not have the patience and faith that their hard work will pay off. They want instant success and instant results. Once they don’t get it, they think that they lack the talent and give up. So they never become great in anything.

5. To see opportunities, you must have a positive and open mindset. Opportunities never look like opportunities. They always come disguised as problems and challenges.

6. Winners know that the more they build their knowledge and skills in a particular area, the risk comes from not knowing what you are doing and not being prepared for it.

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7. We can do our very best to make a change in our lives but unless we change the people we surround ourselves with, and change we make will not last. Many people fail to make a sustainable change in their life because the people they spend time with pull them in a direction that is opposite to where they had intended to go.

8. If you want to get the maximum results out of the effort you put into every area of your life, you too have to understand and use the power of ‘Leverage’. What is the process of multiplying the application of relatively small effort.

9. Remember that you cannot always control the events and circumstances of your outer world. However, when you control the inner world of your thoughts, emotion and actions, you determine the outcome that unfolds.

10. The way you see yourself (your identity) affects what you think you can or cannot do. This in turn affects what you want in life (your goals and standards). What you want will affect what you do (your action). Finally, your action will determine your results and ultimately your destiny.

 Source: Quotes are extracted from the book the published by Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group PteLtd

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