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The New Rules of Money

The New Rules of Money

Today we want to bing you to a new revolution of our world of money by studying the concepts, practices and philosophy of Rich Dad. Of course, when we talk about Rich Dad we think of one man who has invested his life for the financial education of the world Mr. Robert Kiyosaki. Yet, not so many people know who had influenced Mr. Robert to choose what he is doing today.

One of the most powerful books Robert Kiyosaki has read is Dr. Buck Minster Fuller’s Grunch of Giants, GRUNCH stands for Gross Universal Cash Heist. The book is about how the rich print their own money and that is why they’re rich.

Buckminster Fuller, 1972-3 tour at UC Santa Barbara. Source:

Dr. Fuller was known as a “Futurist.” He was also known as “The Planet’s Friendly Genius” because he dedicated his life to a world that worked for all things and all people. Bucky was an environmentalist of the universe before the world knew what an environmentalist was, much less the universe. In other words, he was a very big thinker.

If not for Bucky, I would not be an educator, there would be no Rich Dad Company and I would not be printing my own money. I am a much richer person today because of him. Robert Kiyosaki

New rules of money Conspiracy of the Rich is being released chapter by chapter on the internet. It will contain “eight new rules of money”. So far five have been released. Some, says Kiyosaki, are introduced in the early chapters, but will be fully explained in later yet to be published chapters. The rules released so far are:

  1. Money is knowledge Kiyosaki says you no longer need money to make money; “You simply need knowledge.” He cites the example of short selling shares that he has borrowed. His knowledge of what to do results in a profit without him putting any money down himself.
  2. Learn how to use debt Learning how to use debt is one of the most important skills a person can learn. Many people teach that debt is bad or evil, says Kiyosaki. And to an extent they are right. “There is good debt and bad debt.” Whether debt is good or bad however is debatable, he writes. What is not debatable is that without debt economies would collapse.
  3. Learn to control cash flow If you want to be financially secure and possibly rich, Kiyosaki says you will need to know how to control your personal cash flows as well as monitor the global flow of jobs, people and money. Debt, he adds, is only as good as your cash flow. Investments with debt are fine providing you have positive cash flow.
  4. Prepare for bad times and you will only know good times Kiyosaki began doing this after reading Fuller’s book Grunch of Giants in 1983. “Today, my wife and I, our company and our investments continue to prosper simply because we are always preparing for bad times.”
  5. The need for speed Today the faster a person can transact business, the more money he or she will make. In the book Kiyosaki compares a medical doctor seeing one patient at a time versus a high school student with a global web business, transacting business to unlimited customers 24/7. “Many people are financially struggling today because they are simply too slow.”

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