6 - 8 May 2015

Singapore Expo Hall 1

About the Event

Anthony Robbins has spent the last 30 years dedicated to transforming peoples' lives.

Some of the world’s most accomplished people like Hugh Jackman, Serena Williams and Bill Clinton have turned to Tony during challenging times to take their lives, career and business to the next level.

Back in Singapore after 6 years at this all-new event, you’ll discover how to transform your life and business.




Tony will lead you to discover your purpose in life and take your business to the next level.


You’ll identify what you truly want most out of life. You’ll breakthrough whatever’s been holding you back. You’ll unlock resources within you to make it happen. And live your life on your own terms.

If you own a business you'll see how to apply the techniques the BILLION DOLLAR Fortune 500 companies use every single day. SCALE your business so it increases in size, delivering you exponential amounts of profits. And take your business from ordinary to EXTRA-ordinary.





You are in a job but secretly desire to own your own business and get rich

You own a business ... but want to do MUCH more

You have a business that's experiencing a decline in sales ... and you want to turn things around

You are about to start your first business ... and you want to experience MEGA success

DAY 1: Personal Power

DAY 2: Business Transformation

DAY 3: Implementation Day (with a panel of speakers)


Design a powerful vision so you always stay ahead of the curve

Influence others and create a unique identity

Tap into the power of momentum so that it can be unleashed to achieve your goals

How to make decisions in your life to shape your destiny

3 forces that create breakthroughs

5 Keys to Wealth & Happiness

... and much more.

For the last three decades, Tony Robbins has helped millions of people worldwide achieve breakthroughs in thinking, perform at a higher level, create extraordinary results and reach amazing levels of personal fulfillment.

He is the undisputed #1 life coach in the world and is the recognised father and authority in the field of peak performance and life coaching.

His methods work for ordinary people wanting to do more with their lives, business people who want to hit higher profits, world-class entertainers and athletes who want to rise to the next level and even world leaders who want to stay calm and execute in the midst of crisis.

Tony specializes in rapid-change methods that help people achieve the quickest, most lasting results in the shortest amount of time. The way Tony does this is by getting to the heart of WHY people do what they do and uncovering the emotional triggers that drive their behaviors - both the positive and the negative.

From there, Tony helps individuals shift their psychology to one of personal and unstoppable drive.

This is how Tony creates lasting change in people, and why top CEOs, award-winning entertainers, elite athletes, world-leaders and millions worldwide hold Tony's teachings in such high regard.

In addition, Tony uses his highly effective methods to transform businesses and help them achieve MORE in a year than they have ever before. Tony enters and dramatically shifts the psychology and strategic outlook of the company from one of mere survival to one of pack leader.

The end result is companies grow by 30 - 120% in a year, and attendees report an increase in profits of up to 50% in a very short time.

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur looking to start your first business, or you are a business owner who wants to change the way you think and make more, Tony can help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE – forever!

Setting GOALS is the FIRST STEP in
Turning the


- Anthony Robbins


  • Exclusive VIP address by Tony himself

    An exclusive opportunity to hear from Tony himself at this special VIPs’ huddle session! Additional words of wisdom just for you!

  • Buffet Lunch

    As part of the VIP experience, we will take care of your appetite with a buffet spread during lunch time. Avoid peak hour queues and enjoy the privilege of a hassle-free meal!

  • Free Parking

    Your mind should be completely dedicated to the program. Don’t bother searching for parking deals; we’ll get this covered for you!

  • VIP Lounge access
    • Massage chairs
    • light refreshments
    • networking area
    • phone charging docks

    A dedicated private space for you to relax or mingle with fellow VIPs. Freshen up with free coffee, tea, snacks anytime. You will be committing100% energy and attention to achieve the results you desire – you deserve this!

  • Powertalk: 12 piece Library

    A powerful gift from Tony - start learning from the masters by listening to the best of Tony’s interviews with inspiring leaders around the world.

  • The Personal Coaching Collection

    The ultimate coaching collection that provides the tools and strategies that will help you achieve more fulfillment than you ever thought possible, in every area of your life.




Exclusive VIP address by Tony himself
Buffet Lunch
Free Parking
VIP Lounge Access Includes:
  • massage chairs
  • light refreshments
  • networking area
  • phone charging docks
Tony Robbins' "Powertalk: 12 piece Library"
Priority Entry
Tony Robbins' "The Personal Coaching Collection"
Tony Robbins' New Book "Money: Master the Game"
Digital copy of Tony Robbins' New Book "Money: Master the Game"
Success Toolkit
Course Materials