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Why you need to grow yourself ?

Why you need to grow yourself ?

We are living in a highly competitive world and rapidly changing environments in the ways that people are investing and running their businesses, and performing their career and profession due to the change in lifestyles, the availability of a variety of options, and the fastest growth of technology. Therefore if you fail to anticipate or fail to know what is going to happen, your businesses, your investments or your professions are most likely to be fail or stagnant, collapsed or bankrupted. No matter how big and successful your businesses are or how smart, strong and talent you and your people are because you are not ahead of the game. When you are staying behind the game, you are being in reactive stand which provides less advantage compared to your competitors who are being proactive to the changes. Tony Robbins said, “Anticipation is the Ultimate Power that provides you Ultimate Advantages in business and life over competitors and people around us”.

The questions you now ask are;

  1. How do you anticipate the future? 
  2. What tools and knowledge that you can use to improve your ability master your success and always stay ahead of the game?

Every single person, every single company and every single government are always having two money problems;

  1. not having enough money and
  2. having too much money.

Why these are the problems? We believe you have most of the answers flash in your mind now, if not all, to this question. If you do not have enough money, you sometimes cannot pay the bills and borrow money from others. When you cannot pay back the debt and interests, you will sale everything and soon your life will be in trouble – living unhappy. So “How can you solve this problem and what are the part-time jobs that you can do to get extra income?

On the other hand, many people who have too much money always ask, “How can I make a good use of it? What business should I invest so that I can become wealthy?” If you do not use it well or abuse it, and use it to invest in a wrong business, you are going to lose it. Robert T. Kiyosaki said, “Money does not make you rich. It is how you use it that makes you rich, middleclass or poor”.

The answers to all questions above in “Mastering Your Money and Success” are to be delivered by the most local and internal successful business owners, investors, and managers that organized by PM Leadership, the leading educational provider, on 29-30 August 2013.

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PM Leadership is Cambodia’s leading seminar organizer on success, business, and wealth creation.  PM Leadership was Founded in 2011 with a mission “To Lead Humanity into Success and Financial Growth” We provides exclusive, proven, and affordable educational programs that help business owners and professionals to succeed faster, make more money and enjoy life with family. More information about our next education program please visit  or call: 023 6364 966

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