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Your Journey to Becoming an Insider and Towards Financial Freedom Begins with Preparation

The Wealth Insider Group Workshop is where you begin your journey towards your Financial Freedom as renowned financial minds, Jonathan Quek, Benny Lee and friends of Wealth Insider Group take you through an intensive 30 hours of comprehensive lecturers, hands-on application, and psychological preparation including 6 months of personal step by step guidance in applying the most effective techniques in managing and growing your wealth.
The Wealth Insider Group Workshop brings you more value than the hours of lecturer. As the Wealth Insider Group brings financial education to a whole new level of evolution, we invite you to enter our network of insiders.


In This Workshop, You will learn:

How to develop a crisis management portfolio to prepare, protect and profit from the upcoming hyperinflation.
Discover the hard truths of financial planning and learn how you can be your life’s best financial planner.
To read the Market for profitable opportunities.
Explore different ways to buy, store and sell gold, silver and oil.
Learn an Insider’s formula to profit even when the commodity prices move downwards
Learn to buy insurance on your precious metals holding
Discover how you can trade without intensive monitoring of themarket and still earn consistent profits


Financial Practitioners – Insurance Agents, Unit Trust Agents, Bankers, Financial Planners, Brokers, Alternative Investment Practitioners
Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Employees who wants to create Passive &
Portfolio Income Investors & Traders – Stocks, Commodities
Parents in need to prepare, protect and profit for a better financial future for their children.

About The Trainer

Jonathan Quek is the author of the best-selling book ‘Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?’ He had the privilege of interacting with gold and silver experts such as Jim Rogers (Author of Hot Commodities), James Turk (Founder of, Shaykh Umar Vadillo (Founder of World Islamic Mint), Richard Duncan (Author of The New Depression) and Peter Hug (Director of Kitco Metals).

Jonathan is the founder of, an online gold and silver education company that provides retails of physical silver at competitive price.
He has been featured and interviewed in numerous media channels such as BFM89.9, TV1, TV2, TV3, Capital TV, China Press, New Straits Times, The Malay Mail, just to mention a few.

An ambitious visionary with vast financial and investment knowledge, he holds a keen sense to educate the public on investments, thus he has been invited as an esteemed guest speaker to several events throughout his mission which includes Bank Negara & AKPK’s POWER! Programme, CPA Australia, CIMA, University Malaya, Taylors’ University, Berhad Open Day 2011, MSI Summit 2011, Wealth Expo, and many more.


Audio CD "The Truth Lies About Money" by Richard Duncan & Jonathan Quek ($199 value)
Best-Selling book "Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?" of Jonathan Quek ($99 value)
Free Access to Premium Articles on the Wealth Insider Group Membership Website for One Year
Gain the unfair advantage of knowing what the insiders think & the actions that they are taking.


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