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Chuck Mellon can teach you HOW TO MAKE MONEY - plenty of money - in any market, up or down! His techniques make money year after year and they can be learned and applied by anyone. You can learn how to invest with strategies that are designed precisely to AVOID RISK, how to pick the right investment, and how to steer clear of the wrong ones by recognizing certain key danger signals. Trading Chuck's way maximizes your chances of profits while minizing risk!


Chuck has clients all over the world with billions of dollars in assets. They trust his advice on how to safeguard and grow their wealth. He speaks at events all year round to thousands of people who want to hear how he makes money, and how they can learn his techniques for themselves.

Chuck will teach you how to:

Find money to invest without borrowing
Live like a millionaire on a small amount of money
Change your mind-set and watch the riches grow
Have anything you want with the extra money - you create through investing
Make better life decisions about money
Set Goals to achieve Financial Success


One of the World's Premier Portfolio Investment Experts

Known throughout the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, Chuck is a much sought-after investment advisor and counselor. Chuck's clients rank among the top 1 percent of the nation's wealthiest individuals, businesses, and organizations. He is a dynamic and exciting speaker who has shared the platform with the likes of Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and General Norman Schwarzkopf, and his appearances throughout the year are always attended by packed, sell-out audiences.


You'll Learn:

Three ways to make a million dollars How to use technical analysis to make Better Investment decisions
How to create immediate monthly income What the pros know that you don't know
Investment strategies that will work immediately How to double the investment returns you are getting now
Three strategies that helps make Chuck a millionaire What "Options" can do to make you a fortune
How to protect yourself in a declining market How to lock in Big Investment Gains Right Away
The proper way to take profits on investment and option Patter recognition and how it can help you make Big Money


Chuck Mellon's speaking engagements are invariably sold out, in venues all over the world. The Wealth Mastery audiences are in the thousands, but Chuck also gives seminars to smaller, more select groups. Check the Seminars page to see where he's been recently and where he'll be soon. The following comments are representative of those often voiced by people after attending one of Chuck's presentations.


"I'm so excited, I want to hear it all AGAIN!"

- A. Chen, Sony Corporation


"I keep coming back for more and more!"
- Doug Kelly, United Airlines


"Chuck is outstanding, I can't wait to hear him again,"
- J. Garner, Microsoft Corp.


"Chuck's one of the greatest speakers (and teachers) I've ever heard."
- L. Franklin, Presidential Securities


WHO IS the Speaker?

Chuck Mellon is an exciting internationally known speaker and lecturer on finance and investing. Chuck Mellon helped Tony Robbins develop the Wealth Mastery program more that 16 years ago. Known throughout the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. Chuck is a much sought-after investment advisor and counselor who's powerful and penetrating insights have empowered thousands of individuals to take advantage from the stock market.

With over 40 years of highly successful trading and investment experience, Chuck believes, "Some of the best investment returns stem from the correct application of the simplest principles, Wealth Psychology."


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